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Associates of St. John Bosco
The Associates of St. John Bosco Inc. was founded in 2011 in order to help college students in remain faithful to their Catholic Faith during this challenging part of life. This service is performed through (1) hosting College Nights to provide fun and informal social gatherings for rising and current college students to network with other students and get free resources to take to their dorm room, (2) scholarships for students with a strong commitment to serving the Church in some capacity.

St. James Catholic School
The St. James Catholic School community is committed to educating the whole child within the Catholic faith tradition by promoting academic excellence and service.

Bishop O'Connell
Bishop O'Connell's mission is to provide students an education rooted in the life of Christ and to foster the pursuit of excellence in the whole person.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church Arlington VA
Called together in Christ, transformed by God's grace, sent out to serve. We worship God with energy and joy, seek a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, minister to those in need, and reach out to welcome others into our community of faith. We enjoy music and laughter, and place a high value on Christian formation. Our youth are actively involved in all dimensions of our life together. We are a community of all ages, committed to using our gifts in the service of others and to the glory of God.

Loudoun Interfaith Relief
LIR is a food pantry serving Loudoun County residents. We supply perishable and non-perishable food items directly to our clients. This past year, LIR served more than 15,000 individuals and distributed over 1.3 million pounds of food. We serve approximately 500 families a week and almost half of those served are children.

Cody James Ministries
Cody James Ministries travels the country sharing the word of God through personal testimony and music. CJM’s Mission focus has always been Jails, but often other opportunities arise that take the Ministry into prisons, recovery groups, churches, concert venues, radio and town meetings, and to our military and their families. This ministry focuses on those whom many in society have left behind and shares with them the love of Christ.

Entrusting Truth
Our mission is to help men effectively utilize their spiritual gifts in order to sustain a close relationship with Christ by having them constantly in the Word of God. The objective of this effort is to establish men in the study of the Word of God, increase their skill in the study and application of the Word of God, and to empower their gifts through consistent personal interaction with Christ.

National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica
In the spirit of St. Thérèse, the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica exists to bring everyone in our community to an encounter with Christ, to grow in His love, and to go forth sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to all.

Fathers In The Field
Fathers in the Field is a complete turnkey program, providing all the tools and resources you need. Mentor fathers and boys meet four times a month and, using these tools, gain insight and understanding, serve others, worship, and plan a special outdoor activity (camping, hunting, fishing, riding, whatever they decide to do together) so they have a year-end ‘rite of passage’ celebration to prepare for and look forward to.

Prisoner's Path Books
Our goal is to promote Christian spiritual formation among men in prison by distributing "Daily Light on the Prisoner's Path" and other books to enlighten, instruct and empower them.

The Path to Victory, Inc.
Our mission is to encourage and equip inmate fathers to become the dads their children need them to be. Using God's Word, these dads will discover what scripture teaches about the God given role of fatherhood. They will learn the difference between heritage and legacy and they will be encouraged to leave a legacy of faith for their future generations. Most importantly they will discover that the strength and wisdom they need to parent their children comes from God.

Time To Fly Foundation
We are dedicated to helping abused women and children regain their God given worth, break the generational cycle of dating/domestic abuse and strengthen the family unit. Founded in 2001, the vision is to see countless “WALKING WOUNDED” lives restored from the devastation of dating and domestic abuse globally. Domestic abuse prevention and intervention training courses and onsite childcare are provided FREE of charge to participants.

New Beginnings - A Home for Mothers
The mission of New Beginnings is to help a single mother develop spiritually in God’s Word, become a responsible citizen in society, continue her education, achieve self-sufficiency and be a competent and loving Christian parent.

Hidden Acres Christian Center
Hidden Acres is a Church camp in Central Iowa that ministers and serves to around 20,000 guests every year. Our goal is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our guests by giving them a time on the grounds where God can speak loudly to their lives and hearts. We want everybody to comes to see Jesus clearly and be changed by our service to them.

Family Fun Xperience
Every family has purpose which can get easily lost amidst the challenges of today. Weaker family structures directly weakens the core of our society. The mission of the Family Fun Xperience is to inspire families to realize they have a greater purpose together. FFX is a fun, entertaining, shared experience with interactive and participatory theater. We reflect our Christian values through the characters in a unthreatening and inclusive setting, through a common family experience.

Greater Gospel Kingdom COGIC
Our misssion is to support community enrichment.

Rhythm and Praise Charitable Fund
Our World is rapidly changing and modern culture is driving our youth and their families away from the teaching of Jesus Christ which is Love and Peace. Today’s generation is being introduced to a distorted view on life which glorifies sex, drugs and violence. Furthermore hate which is the opposite of Love is becoming the norm in society, which is demoralizing today’s families. Our platform offers a positive alternative through music and a partnerships with service organizations to target 5 area

Missioners of Christ
The Missioners of Christ offers opportunities for youth and adults to be evangelized, catechized and discipled, progressing in their formation towards a life fully alive in Christ. From Eucharistic Adoration to faith-deepening retreats to missions throughout the U.S. and Honduras, all of our ministries seek to build the Kingdom of God one disciple at a time.

Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs
Our church is a small Vietnamese church with the majority of our parishioners are refugees. Our church is self served and don't have much capital funding to help maintain the church conditions. We also have a school teaching both religious and Vietnamese language. We depend mostly on the donations of the parishioners to help maintain the school as well.